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  • David Leavitt

Chelom: A TV Show About The Castle?

One fun aspect of owning a castle is that I’m learning many people have also dreamed of owning a castle. Because we’re crazy enough to actually buy a castle, we instantly connect with these dreamers. This dream is so common that a few people have said “they should make a movie about this.”

Well, that just may happen.

We’ve been approach by a few production companies that are interested in doing something from a single episode documentary to a series on the castle and its restoration. It would be a great opportunity to explore the history and elegance of this building. The castle’s early beginnings were as a Viking fort and document the dominance and decline of Haco, the Viking ruler and conqueror who presided over the unification of his country and the expansion of the Norwegian empire.

We are learning more about the five phases of the castle’s construction (described in David’s blog April 22). The use of the castle in WWII as a hospital for French soldiers is a fascinating part of its history. There is a little graffiti on the 3rd floor wall that reads “Vive la France!”

We keep discovering more about this castle every week. Ponds, a fairy castle, water features, sitting areas, and amazing walking paths are only some of the amazing finds we've uncovered on the seven acre grounds. There is still a door in the castle we have not yet opened. There are new discoveries on the property that hint at the gardens’ former glory. A TV series would be a fun way to share each of these discoveries with the world!

More to come.

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May 09, 2023

Chelom, I was in just Scotland for three weeks after hearing about your purchase of the castle from your niece in Arizona. I wanted to come by, but it turned out not to be possible. I adore your vision for the castle, the impulse to purchase it (which I admit I share in a very deep way), and the loving care you are applying to renovate it. My youngest daughter (also a JD) and I keep looking. I hope to meet you in Scotland next fall or spring, or even before then on a trip to Utah. I hope things are well with you both.


Doe D. ASU, Mesa


Apr 24, 2023

I can't stop admiring this magnificent castle! I can only imagine its look when summer comes!

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