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Chelom: Fireplaces

Living room fireplace

Who doesn’t love a fireplace? Sitting with a cup of tea or hot chocolate next to a fireplace with a good friend is my idea of a good time.

Fireplace in the entry hall

Knockderry has 18 fireplaces where this scene can be played out. Some of the fireplaces are in great shape, in that all their pieces are still present. Others, however, have been treated poorly and have missing tiles or mantles. Each fireplace will require its own unique attention.

With 18 fireplaces, there's going to be a lot of work. One of the difficult tasks is how to deal with fireplaces in places like a laundry room or fireplaces that have been "updated" with 1970's designs?

In addition to the living room, (with two fireplaces), the grand hall (one fireplace), the main entry (with a fireplace), each of the bedrooms all have their own fireplaces.

Of course, my favorite fireplace is in the grand hall. The imposing massive mantle contrasts with the feminine divinity of the angels’ delicate faces and stylized wings. The living room fireplace is also beautiful but is seriously neglected.

The cottage fireplaces have fared even worse than any of the fireplaces in the castle. Nothing about the fireplaces in the cottage remains other than a firebox. I am on the hunt for Art Nuevo tiles and other fireplace elements from this era.

Here are some pictures of the fireplaces in their current condition:

Closeup of entry hall mantle

Bedroom fireplace

Bedroom fireplace with 1970''s tiles

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