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  • David Leavitt

Chelom: Good Memories

I love these old photos that we received from Jane Young and Sir Stephen Young. The children playing in the pond are probably in the area where we found the little play castle.

This little pond needs to be restored along with the bridges that we think must have also crossed the edges of the pond. Watch this video to see the state of it now.

The picture with Michael and Christopher Sloan shows what we think is the castle in the background behind the trees.

The fuzzy picture of the castle is wonderful because it shows that ivy was growing on the walls of the castle along with trees and shaped hedges going down the slope to the front of the property. One of the first orders of business is to plant ivy to re-create the look of the former glory of Knockderry. One additional detail to note is the finials that topped the spires. A couple finials remain but we will need to replace the others.

Thanks again to Jane Young and Sir Stephen Young for helping us so much with photos and history of this wonderful place!!

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May 02, 2023

I'll have a look at my father's album to check the location of the pavillion behind Michael and Christopher Sloan. I don't think it was at Knockderry Castle. Thanks for sharing :)


May 02, 2023

Your posts are very helpful for me to know much more about the castle… And about the history of that time.

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