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Chelom: The Library

One of our architects, Neil McAllister, found a drawing of the library from 1897. This drawing was published just one year after the big remodel in 1896. It was a beautiful room but is now mostly empty with peeling wallpaper. However, one bright spot is that the fireplace and art that hung above it are still there. Someone stuck a sink in the room probably to use the room as a bedroom. The bookcases in the drawing are inspiring and could be recreated. This room is toward the back part of the castle but has a view of the loch from a cozy bay window. It’s not a big room but it’s an important room. Conversations are the blood of relationships, and this is a room that has probably witnessed many a conversation. The fireplace and snug furniture will make this a conversation spot once again.

The library in its current condition.

We have learned so much about this castle and community through generous conversations with so many of you as you reach out with wee bits of information and memories of being in the castle. Thank you!

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1 Comment

Apr 23, 2023

I am impressed by this. It’s unbelievable and I’ll follow the process of restoration. I have always been interested in the castles of Scotland. And following this story will add a lot to my interest.

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