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David: Dehumidifying and re-connecting the castle

Knockderry Castle sits on a rocky hill in Cove, Scotland overlooking Loch Long. Cove is one of the various villages within the Peninsula. During the Victorian era, from 1850 on, the large contiguous villages of Cove and Kilcreggan were developed, with luxurious summer villas in attractive coastal settings for wealthy Glasgow businessmen whose families could enjoy the fresh air.

After World War II, Knockderry Castle served for a time as a hotel. In the lower level of the hotel was a bar and several rooms.

Chelom and I have had quite a lot of response from people who frequented Knockderry both as a hotel and as a bar. It's been fun to hear people's recollections of that portion of Knockderry's history.

Presumably after the castle ceased being a hotel, the subsequent owners partitioned off portions of the lower level. Why they did, I can only speculate. As part of the initial stages of restoration, we've been spending time in the lower level (basement) both to dehumidify it from the water damage referred to in our earlier post, but also take out the bar and to reconnect the portion of the castle that had been partitioned.

The video below shows what it looks like now that we have removed the bar and re-connected the portion of the castle that had been partitioned.

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