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  • Chelom Leavitt


We got home to Utah today and we went on our morning walk in the middle of a snowstorm. It was magical. I love Utah. I was struck at the stark difference between Cove, Scotland and Provo, Utah. Both are beautiful. There are so many kinds of beauty and I think that’s one thing that David and I want to promote during this whole process. Acceptance of diversity—historical, cultural, social, religious, political, and personal. There are some pretty amazing things to learn from each other.

One area of diversity I am looking forward to is learning how to garden in Scotland. I love to garden here in the desert of Utah, but I know nothing about the temperate oceanic climate of Scotland. I am hoping to find a few master-gardeners (or even self-proclaimed master gardeners) to help me with ideas for the gardens. The restoration of the gardens is going to take as much work as the castle and may even be a longer process.

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