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Karen Dundas To The Rescue!

Knockderry Castle is an A listed castle for a few reasons. The impressive wall around the estate is part of the A listing, and so is the wood work in the Leiper additions to the castle. Each are amazing in their own unique way. To me, however, what absolutely sold us on the castle was the artwork in the music room. Particularly with it paired with the wood carving and paneling as it is. I have been in rooms with original art affixed to walls and ceilings before, but to actually own one and to be responsible for its restoration and upkeep for future generations feels particularly daunting.

Standing in the music room of Knockderry and watching water run down the one of a kind art work left us with a particularly hopeless feeling since neither of us possess the expertise to do anything about it. Trying to do something with the art likely would worsen its condition.

Gratefully, our architects located Karen Dundas, ACR, who spent two days in the music room this week doing emergency repairs to the wall art. We feel very blessed to have Karen working on the project. Karen studied three years at Centro De Estudios De Restauracion De Obras De Arte in Madrid, Spain and graduated with a degree in conservation and restoration of paintings on all substates. After that, she did her internship with Historic Environment Scotland (HES) and the National Trust for Scotland (NTS). Her clients now include the National Trust for Scotland, Scottish Historic Buildings Trust and numerous other organizations, conservation architects, private owners, and churches.

Karen and I spoke by telephone while she was at the castle. We were thrilled to hear that she believes that the art can be restored. What a relief, that was! The video on the was taken on April 25, 2023 at Knockderry Castle.

Thank you, Karen!!! We're so grateful that we and the castle's art are in your hands!

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1 Comment

Mark Leslie
Mark Leslie
Jun 13, 2023

Great progress folks, im particularly pleased to see that the paintings can be restored they will look absolutely beautiful. Also great information about the stained glass windows' Wow' James Guthrie designed theme, i would never have known that, an absolute hero of mine.

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