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Warning: This post describes harm to an insect. If that disturbs you don’t read on. ;)  

Maybe it’s the time of year. Maybe I’m just tuning into it, but this castle has spiders everywhere!

Oh, my!

I’m NOT spider friendly or even spider tolerant. I become dysfunctional around spiders. I think this is an evolutionarily appropriate response. Spiders are meant to be creepy—it’s their defense mechanism. I don’t know if they’re going to creep, or scurry, or jump. It’s dysregulating. This time I noticed these creepy crawlers everywhere. So, I was on constant high alert.

I had to do a little research on Scottish spiders because that’s who I am. Even going to the website on spiders found in Scotland gave me the shivers. But it’s good to know the most venomous spider in Scotland is the false widow (according to The Scottish Sun).—related to the black widow, which I have encountered a few times here in Utah. Each time my adrenaline spiked for an hour.

All this background will help you understand my reaction to the following: After a long day of meeting with architects, contractors, and others, David and I were sitting in bed answering emails and I saw a little black something scurried across the blanket. You guessed it, a healthy-looking spider was trying to share our bed! David chivalrously whacked my stomach where the spider had momentarily frozen. Despite the sucker-punch, I was relived.

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