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Steven Spielberg of Construction

We are very fortunate to have a team of brothers helping us with the project management and restoration of Knockderry Castle. George, Gary, and Bob Madden are three brothers that make up about half of the team that are at the castle most days working both on the inside and the outside of the castle. Chelom and I are coming to anticipate the videos that they send us each day, whether we're in Scotland or in America. I'm confident that those who follow this blog for very long will come to truly appreciate their videos.

Today I'll share two videos of their work--the video of yesterday's work and the work from today. We've asked them to begin tearing out carpets on all the levels of the castle in preparation for more substantive renovations.

Chelom, our architects (who I will introduce you to in tomorrow's post), and I decided that the basement of the castle needed to be stripped/gutted a little more completely so that we can inspect the timbers in the basement ceiling/main level floor for wood rot.

So the first video I'm posting is of of the gutting of what used to be the bar area of the castle in the basement. In the second video George, Gary, Bob and the guys removing the carpets from the main and upper levels of the castle.

It's all in a days work for George, Gary, Bob, and the guys.

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